The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator consists of three main parts:

EXTERIOR CYLINDER: A clear, self-supportingtube built out of specially designed sections. The walls of this tube are made of curved polycarbonate sheets while the structure is of aluminum. The doors are made of the same material; they are airtight and provided with elevator code certified locks. The roof of the tube, made of steel, ensures air tight closures with suction valves and inlets.

ELEVATOR CAR: that travels inside the tube is made of transparent polycarbonate and is mounted on a steel structure. The roof includes an air tight joint that ensures normal pressure and air conditions for the passenger. An anchoring system that activates on reaching the indicated floor provides precise stops and locks the car mechanically.

THE SUCTION ASSEMBLY: can be built and placed either on the same tube that holds the car or separately (split) at distances between 10-20 from the lift. It can hold up to 6 suction turbines that ensure a smooth ride


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