Installation is performed within one or two days. No special works are required with a unique self-supporting structure.

No pit excavation or engine room needed. Ideal for recycled houses due to the little space needed in the building. The elevator can rest on any existent floor.
It is not a fixed installation, and can be disassembled and transported easily.
Does not lock at intermediate levels.
Absolute safety in case of an electric power cut since the moving car automatically will descend to the lowest level and the electro-mechanical door will open to let the passenger out.
Its unique installation and streamline design adapts to non-conventional living spaces in variety house styles.

Panoramic view allows a 360º visibility, without cables or pistons that block vision.
Electric Circuits are 24 volts, hence eliminating the risk of shock.
No lubrication is required and maintenance is minimum.
Does not use energy during descent: gravity is used instead.
Always stops at the exact floor or level.
Starting and stopping operations are extremely smooth.
Solves technical difficulties that other elevator may have

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